For when 'Get Well Soon' is just a bit shit.


My name is Jenny and I run This Thing They Call Recovery. I like to think of it as a safe space for those with chronic conditions and their loved ones. I try to be as realistic and honest as possible about how chronic illness affects my life. Maybe it affects you in the same way? If so, I hope you find some comfort here.


To find out more about why I started This Thing, click here.

You are not alone.

With chronic illness sometimes you feel like you have your shit together, and sometimes you don't. That's okay. Are you going through one of those periods of feeling overwhelmed by it all? Get in contact and we can have a chat! 

Dear loved ones,

Do you know someone with a chronic health condition? Do you struggle with the fact that you can't 'fix it'? Fear not, you're in the right place. You can help merely by educating yourself on the struggles your loved one faces. We don't always need advice, sometimes we just want someone to agree that this situation is utter bollocks. Easy enough right? There's no pressure on you to come up with a positive spin on things all the time. Have a look at the blog, hopefully it will help you understand what goes on behind closed doors.

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