For when 'Get Well Soon' is just a bit shit.

A photograph of Jenny sitting in bed smiling at the camera. She is wearing a white shirt she designed featuring text that reads "let's build a new world together".

My name is Jenny, I live in Scotland, and I'm a freelance graphic designer and disability advocate. I've suffered from chronic illness for a decade now, and that experience fuels my work here at This Thing They Call Recovery.


I create health content that doesn't look like health content, using a mix of colour, illustration and handlettering to speak to the human side of sickness.


To find out more about why I started This Thing, you can visit my About Me page.

A pink background with a red illustrated loveheart in the centre. Within the heart is white handwritten text in block capitals. The text reads "you don't have to love your body". There are white sewn patches around the heart too.
A photograph of a dark green circular patch. The patch features white handwritten text that reads "inhale and exhale". The patch is attached to a peach backing card. Photograph credit goes to Ohh Deer.
A mustard yellow background with an illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone. A black phonecase is visible and features white handwritten text in the centre that reads "ugh". The hand's skinone is dark and the nails are short and natural.

You are not alone.

Life with illness is hard, and I believe we should be able to speak about the negatives as well as the positives. Let's raise awareness of not only symptoms, but everything else we have to deal with on top of them. Let's work together to build a world that's safe and comfortable for the sick and disabled. I know it's difficult, but you are not in this alone.

Are you involved with a business, brand or charity that also believes in these values? My commissions are currently open, and you can contact me here.

Untitled_Artwork 159.jpg

Dear loved ones,


Do you know someone with a chronic health condition? Do you struggle with the fact that you can't 'fix it'? Fear not, you're in the right place. You can help merely by educating yourself on the struggles your loved one faces. We don't always need advice, sometimes we just want someone to agree that this situation is actually quite shitty.


Easy enough right?


There's no pressure on you to come up with a positive spin on things all the time. Have a look at the blog, hopefully it will help you understand what goes on behind closed doors.

A photograph of Jenny and her boyfriend Ryan sitting in bed. Jenny has her head resting on Ryans shoulder. Jennys tshirt is navy and features cream text that reads "invisible not imaginary". Ryans tshirt is grey and features black and white text that repeats "inspired, so tired".
A photograph of Jenny sitting in bed smiling at the camera. She is wearing a red tshirt with white retro text that reads "compassion over comparison please".

Why is so much health content scary or solemn? Why are we often treated as statistics first, and individuals second? Why is the word disabled still typically reserved for hushed tones and stolen glances?


We do things differently here.


I'm a proud disabled individual, complex and flawed just like anyone else. I want to help change the way we communicate about long term sickness, and make sure no one goes through it unsupported. This is a space for everyone, regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, size, disability or visual difference.


Welcome to This Thing They Call Recovery.

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