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My name is Jenny, I live in Scotland, and I'm a freelance graphic designer and disability advocate. I've suffered from chronic illness for a decade now, and that experience fuels my work here at This Thing They Call Recovery.
Too much health content is scary or solemn, and not enough of us see ourselves and our experiences reflected. We do things differently over here. My work is colourful and youthful but ultimately honest, focusing on cultivating community and conversation above all else.
To find out more about why I started This Thing, you can visit my About Me page.

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a pink background with a simple illustrated red love heart. Inside the heart is white handwritten text in block capitals. Text reads "sickness is not a moral failing".

You are not alone.

Chronic illness affects our lives as much as our bodies, and it's time more people knew about it.

Let's raise awareness of not only symptoms, but everything else that comes with them. Let's work together to build a world that's safe and comfortable for the sick and disabled. I know it's difficult, but you are not in this alone.

Are you involved with a business, brand or charity that also believes in these values? My commissions are currently open, and you can contact me here.

An illustartion of hands holding up signs in protest. The signs read "disabled people deserve better" and "we are just as valid. The hands are of varying skin tone, some hands don't have five fingers, not all the arms have hands, one hand is in a brace, one is a bionic prosthetic and one has visible vitiligo.

What do people think of this thing?

"It's like a balm for my sick and tired soul"



Why is health content so overwhelming? Why are we so often treated as statistics first, and individuals second? Why is the word disabled still typically reserved for hushed tones and stolen glances?
Not here.
I'm a proud disabled individual, complex and flawed just like anyone else. I want to help change the way we communicate about long term sickness, and make sure no one goes through it unsupported. This is a space for everyone regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, size, disability or visible difference.
Welcome to This Thing They Call Recovery.

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