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For WHEN 'Get Well SooN'
is just a bit shit.

Disabled people don't just have needs. Like anyone else we also have preferences, desires, aspirations and a sense of self.


We're individuals. And we deserve products and services that keep that mind. Don't you think?

Creative, honest and inclusive design.


A space dedicated to challenging public perceptions of disability and sparking  more complex conversations.

You are not alone.

Chronic illness and disability affect our lives as much as our bodies, and it's time more people knew about it.

I understand how overwhelming and isolating life with chronic illness and/or disability can be. Particularly if it's new to you.

But there's joy as well, and it's important that is also reflected in the messaging, products and services we're surrounded by.

I always base my work on lived experience, designed to support real people. 

Learn more about me.

An illustration of hands holding up signs in protest. The signs read "disabled people deserve better" and "we are just as valid. The hands are of varying skin tone, some hands don't have five fingers, not all the arms have hands, one hand is in a brace, one is a bionic prosthetic and one has visible vitiligo.

Community Comments:

"It's like a balm for my sick and tired soul"

Disabled people deserve joyful design TOO .

Too much health content is scary or solemn, and not enough of us see ourselves and our experiences reflected.

Why is everything exclusively grey, beige or blue?  Why is the language so clinical? Why are there no sexy shower stools?

It's because disabled people didn't design them.

My work is colourful and youthful yet ultimately honest, focusing on cultivating community and conversation above all else.

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