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On this page you will find a selection of workshops I have planned and led. I have experience working with educational institutions and organisations across the UK.

It is crucial to me that any workshops I hold are accessible and inclusive in nature. I have worked with a range of students, employees and volunteers with differing disabilities. It is my aim to ensure all participants are not only safe in the process, but also comfortable, respected and reassured.

If you are interested in hiring me for a workshop, please feel free to contact me.

Inclusion London x Inclusion Unlimited

Under my role as a freelance consultant for Community Interest Company (CIC) Inclusion Unlimited, we worked with the charity Inclusion London on a beginner-friendly digital marketing workshop. This workshop was planned, created and led by myself, and was attended by several different disability charities operating in London.

The afternoon session provided practical insight into building a marketing strategy, tailored to a new Disability Hate Crime Training offering being made available. Attendees left the session with a renewed understanding of creating engaging online content. We also covered the different ways content can be made more accessible and inclusive.

The way Jenny presents is so clear and accessible - she paces things really well and comes across as really friendly and approachable. She also dealt masterfully with a crowd who were not feeling too chatty!"

Note: It's perfectly ok not to be chatty! Perhaps you're introverted, tired, in pain, non-verbal or have differing communication styles and access needs. I always try to ensure my sessions are as comfortable and inclusive as possible.

June 2022

Forth Valley College - Stirling Campus (Scotland)

Photograph - Brian Smith 

For Forth Valley College I held a creative workshop with a collective group of disabled and non-disabled students from multiple courses on the topic of health and design.

During the afternoon session we discussed topics such as mental health in education and using art as a communication tool. We brainstormed messaging that could help bring people together and reduce isolation.

The groups created postcard prints with mindful messaging that would help students struggling with their mental health. These were later displayed alongside an exhibition of my own work in the campus reception area, and highlighted in local press.

Multiple students highlighted to me that the workshop cultivated a calming environment. They appreciated the time engaging in a mindful practice and found their stress levels reduced.
February 2020

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