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On this page you will find a collection of case studies of my current and previous product design projects. I've worked with both for-profit and non-profit organisations to raise awareness, expand their audience and increase funds. I also design products for my own web-shop.

So far my designs have been used on mugs, kitchen aprons, water bottles, art prints, t-shirts, greeting cards, stickers, tote bags, stationery kits, notebooks, washi tape and iron-on patches.

I'm particularly passionate about creating health related products that don't appear clinical in nature. We need more of these things!

I would absolutely love to work with you if you have a similar vision. Please feel free to contact me regarding bespoke work or to enquire about design licensing.

Scope x This Thing They Call Recovery

Scope is a UK-based disability equality charity campaigning for a fairer society. The charity wanted to diversify their income streams to include more online options. The result is a webshop with a range of products available, created by disabled designers.

I licensed several designs to Scope for use on household products such as mugs, water bottles and aprons. Pictured above is my "Growth Looks Different For Everyone" design. It was imperative that the designs speak to an audience of both disabled and non-disabled individuals, as well as be inclusive for a range of different conditions.

The messaging behind the designs is one of gentle encouragement and inspiration. Other designs licensed to the charity include phrases "inhale and exhale" and "let's build a new world together".

October 2021

Note: I chose not to renew this contract as, due to recent events, I feel Scope need to work on racial equality within their organisation and projects. I also feel it's highly important disability organisations continue to advocate for Covid precautions and layer precautions at the own events. These products are now no longer available.

Papergang by Ohh Deer x This Thing They Call Recovery

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box ran by UK stationery and giftware brand Ohh Deer, and I was the designer behind the February 2020 box. The aim of the collaboration was to create a range of products that were inclusive for those with chronic health issues, free from cliches surrounding productivity, mind over matter, and work hard play harder. We created a range of products designed to reassure people that they matter, and that they're enough.

Everyone has hard times, no one is productive 24/7. Whether they're healthy or not. I wanted to push back against hustle culture and show brands that that's not what we want anymore - if we ever did. I wanted to show the industry that we matter, the disabled viewpoint and experience is important, and we deserve better. We deserve nice things too.

For every 4 boxes sold a tree was planted in collaboration with Tree Aid, and for every box sold £1 was donated to the ME Association raising a total of £10,987 for the charity.

This box was limited edition and is so longer available, but an interview with me can be found on the Ohh Deer blog here.
February 2020

Mighty Well x This Thing They Call Recovery

Mighty Well is a US-based clothing and accessories brand selling adaptive wear for those with illnesses and/or disabilities. The aim of this collaboration was to create decorative patches that would speak to the strength found in the community, without using language that would alienate those with incurable conditions.

The resting patch was designed as a reminder that time spent resting is not wasted time, and is actually incredibly important. Fighting is often thought of as a physical action, whereas deliberate inaction is often necessary to maintain or improve our health. Resting when you desperately want to be active is a struggle and I wanted to shine a light on the strength that can take at times.

The strength patch was designed as a reminder that there is strength in growth, and there is strength in being vulnerable. It doesn't always look like much from the outside, but is sometimes the quiet continuing on in the face of adversity. Strength sometimes starts small, but that doesn't mean it's less-than, and doesn't mean it can't grow into more.

Together the designs are intended to remind people that however you're choosing to deal with things at the moment, your choices are valid. Whether you're actively fighting or taking a breather, both of those times are equally important and you should feel proud of yourself for both.

Limited edition and no longer available.

October 2019

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