Hi, I'm Jenny - a chronically ill 25 year old from Scotland. Predominantly I suffer from M.E, otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I was born with the birth defect known as Gastroschisis, and as a result now also live with Short Bowel Syndrome, chronic internal bleeding, and Iron Deficiency Anaemia. This Thing They Call Recovery was formed to raise awareness of how chronic illness affects your life, not just your body.
My main aim is to create a safe space where people feel like they can be honest, share and learn. I want to create content that educates but in a personal and approachable manner. I don’t believe all health content must be daunting or solemn, there’s enough of that out there already. I want This Thing to be different. My art style developed to help me discuss some difficult topics in a friendly and engaging way, and I like to include colour, illustration and hand-lettering to speak to the human side of ill health.
There are millions of people around the world suffering from different disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, long term injuries and more. Each of those have people in their life that are desperate to understand more about the impact of these conditions. However health is still an awkward topic for many people, and disability is still seen as a subject to be discussed in hushed tones. I would like to encourage more openness, and in turn help bring people closer together through mutual respect and understanding.

Intended to act as a safe place for other sufferers to visit, I built up my website with the mentality that I had to be brutally honest in order for it to help others. Read in over 90 different countries, translated into over 50 languages and a social media following of over 19k strong, I feel as though I might be getting there.

As a graphic designer I use a mix of visuals and copy to translate how life with illness feels, particularly in your teens and twenties - your good years so they say. I think there needs to be much more information out there about health and ill health aimed at younger people, presented in a way that attracts them, and so I work with a variety of individuals, brands and charities in order to do so. My main passions are building authentic online spaces, designing products, and switching up marketing to be inclusive for all. 

Welcome to "This Thing They Call Recovery".


Last year I re-branded my blog, and a part of that was setting up social media pages to go alongside it. The interactions and conversations I have with people every day fuel my passion to keep driving things forward. I get some lovely feedback from fellow sufferers and their loved ones telling me how much they appreciate the work I'm putting out. I truly believe work like this is necessary and I'm more than happy to fill what I feel is a bit of a gap.
Here is a small sample of some of the feedback I've been getting:

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