A collection of past and present collaborations.

Mighty Well x This Thing They Call Recovery


Mighty Well is a clothing and accessories brand selling adaptive wear for those with illnesses and/or disabilities. The aim of this collaboration was to create decorative patches that would speak to the strength found in the community, without using language that would alienate those with incurable conditions.

The resting patch was designed as a reminder that time spent resting is not wasted time, and is actually incredibly important. Fighting is often thought of as a physical action, whereas deliberate inaction is often necessary to maintain or improve our health. Resting when you desperately want to be active is a struggle and I wanted to shine a light on the strength that can take at times.

The strength patch was designed as a reminder that there is strength in growth, and there is strength in being vulnerable. It doesn't always look like much from the outside, but is sometimes the quiet continuing on in the face of adversity. Strength sometimes starts small, but that doesn't mean it's less-than, and doesn't mean it can't grow into more.

Together the designs are intended to remind people that however you're choosing to dealing with things at the moment, your choices are valid. Whether you're actively fighting or taking a breather, both of those times are equally important and you should feel proud of yourself for both.


October 2019

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