A collection of past and present collaborations.

Invest In Access x This Thing They Call Recovery

Invest in Access is a US based organisation reshaping events, mindsets and the workplace to make a more enjoyable and equitable experience for everyone. The aim of these GIFs was to round out IIA's branding package and help the charity reach a new audience with their messaging. These GIFs provide the non-profit with a way to brand their social media presence fully and engage audiences with eye-catching pieces. Our collection has amassed over 1 million views and has resulted in an accessibility themed collaboration between IIA and GIPHY.

Our selection of AAC (Augmented and Alternative Communication) GIFs were highlighted by GIPHY as the first GIFs dedicated to AAC users on their platform. We're so pleased to be adding much needed representation on varying communication and access needs.

Accessibility was a key driver for us with these designs, and so none of them flash on and off, the colours don't flash, and they're not animated quickly. Having said that, I know some people may still be negatively impacted by even small amounts of movement when they are displayed all together. If this is you don't worry, the versions shown below are still shots. If you would like to see the full animated set, click here.
October 2020 - present (on-going)

Nurse Anna x This Thing They Call Recovery

Anna is a US based nurse that uses social media to challenge perceptions, support fellow nurses and spark conversations around the importance of health professionals wellbeing. The aim of this collaboration was to create content that sparked conversation within the nursing community. As a speaker and nurse advocate focusing on burnout in the profession, the pieces were to stand out against other content aimed at medical professionals. The aim was to humanise the topic, and cut through medical messaging that is often impersonal and overly clinical. The pieces have not only been used online but in offline in-person professional speaking events.
November 2019


Natasha Lipman x This Thing They Call Recovery

Natasha is a UK based chronic illness and disability blogger, covering topics such as mobility aid use, education and work as well as the mental health impact of dealing with long-term symptoms. The aim of this collaboration was to create images that Natasha could share on social media to highlight these topics and draw people into a discussion. The overall appearance was to be friendly and approachable in order to encourage others to engage in potentially difficult conversation and share their own experiences.
April 2019 - October 2020

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