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On this page you will find some examples of my consultancy projects with businesses and Disability-led organisations across the UK.

Over recent years business consultancy has become more and more a part of my work and it's something I really enjoy. 

If you are interested in hiring me for access and inclusion consultancy, please feel free to contact me.

Logo - DEAL

DEAL is a UK based organisation actioning the ideas of Doughnut Economics to create a world in which people and planet thrive in balance. Doughnut Economics is a way of thinking by which we create a world that is both ecologically safe and socially just.

In 2023 DEAL launched their first Global Doughnut Day. The team recognised that there was room for growth and learning in terms of making their events and resources more accessible and inclusive.

I was brought on as part of a team of consultants involved in co-creative research centred around disability justice. We explored deeper understandings of access for event management and organising on both a local and global scale. Our expertise helped to shape reports and build a larger Accessibility Toolkit for the organisation.

October 2023

TrendBible is a commercial trend forecasting agency based in the UK. They create tailored insights, design direction and trend intelligence across several sectors. We worked together focusing on the Gifting and Greetings industry.

I was brought on with another freelance consultant to share our insight and expertise in areas of potential growth in the sector. Our insights helped the internal team shape their "Future of Celebration - 2025" report.

My final presentation focused on the areas of "Get Well Soon" and "Thinking of You", analysing messaging, tone, visual direction and commercial viability through the lens of disability inclusion. The impact of the ongoing global Covid pandemic was a central theme to my exploration and evaluation.

I was later interviewed for the TrendBible website, as the team felt the topics we discussed should be given a wider platform too. You can read the interview here.

"I've had team members telling me how inspiring you were all day. It was exactly what we needed to hear, eloquently and expertly communicated. I really hope we can get some of your passion into the trends we create."

May 2023

Logo - Soda

Soda is a UK based start-up helping impact-driven organisations design more inclusive and accessible health and wellbeing solutions.

In 2021 I provided one-to-one consultancy with one of SODA's founders, on an initiative providing support to young adults with chronic illness. This focused on maximising access to healthcare and support systems. Insight gathered helped develop action plans on change required within our health services.

In 2022 I was brought on as part of a team of consultants over a number of co-design sessions. These sessions focused on designing and building the Soda community. The main topics discussed included outreach, messaging and team-building with access and inclusion as central pillars throughout.

"The combination of disabled joy, solidarity and a desire for change has us feeling really excited for what's to come." 

November 2021
September - November 2022

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