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Public speaking

On this page you will find a selection of talks I have led and panels I have been a part of. I have experience working with educational institutions and organisations across the UK, speaking in-person and virtually.

I only agree to speaking opportunities where proof is provided that the lineup is diverse and inclusive. White, slim, cis people like myself are often overrepresented in communications, including conversations on disability. It is imperative that we actively work to dismantle this narrow narrative. It is not only inaccurate but harmful too.

If you are interested in hiring me for public speaking, please feel free to contact me.

Logo - DEAL

DEAL is a UK based organisation actioning the ideas of Doughnut Economics to create a world in which people and planet thrive in balance. Doughnut Economics is a way of thinking by which we create a world that is both ecologically safe and socially just.

In 2023 DEAL launched their first Global Doughnut Day. In addition to the many local community workshops happening around the world, a global programme of online events was also held.

I was a speaker on the "Meeting the Needs of All: Tuning in to Our Needs, Yours and Mine" panel. The group consisted of multiple disabled individuals, with varying experiences
of physical disabilities and chronic illness, neurodivergence, being d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing, and being blind or low-vision.
We discussed the importance of lived experience in service design, ways to share knowledge in an accessible manner, and how to ensure sustainability initiatives do not leave disabled communities behind.
November 2023

Forth Valley College - Stirling Campus (Scotland)

Photograph - Brian Smith 

For Forth Valley College I held a talk with the Visual Communication (Year 2) students on finding your niche as a designer. In this I covered topics such as sharing work online, honing your skill-set and developing passion projects.

I used my own work as an example, ensuring practical tips were provided as well as theory.

We discussed the different ways we can share our work in an accessible manner. For many this was the first time they were introduced to practical knowledge on accessible digital practices.

We explored the value of lived experience, and individuality as a driver for creative expression. After the talk the group brainstormed the ways they could bring their full selves into the work they create, and a Q&A was held.

"A really inspiring and informative afternoon for all. Great for the current crop of students to see so much positivity about their chosen profession"

February 2020

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