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speaking and Consultancy

As well as graphic design services I also have experience in business consultancy and various forms of speaking engagements. Clients include for-profit businesses, educational institutions, charities and disability-led organisations.

I have a lifetime of lived experience navigating healthcare systems, employment, entrepreneurship, education, entertainment and public spaces as a disabled person. Throughout these projects I combine my professional expertise and personal experiences to help develop accessible products, services and messaging.

I've broken my work in these areas down into several categories:

Workshops, Public Speaking, Consultancy and Podcast Interviews.

Workshops covers interactive group sessions I've led, Public Speaking covers panels I've spoken on and talks I've held, Consultancy covers co-design sessions, Podcasts covers my guest appearances and interviews.

Are you currently studying/completing research in the areas of disability or accessible and inclusive business practice? I've been interviewed for many dissertations and will always try to help students if my energy allows.

Please feel free to
contact me
if any of this is of interest.

Client feedback:

"The way Jenny presents is so clear and accessible - she paces things really well and comes across as really friendly and approachable."
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