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Why take Covid precautions? - poem

Handwritten text reads "Covid isn't over!"

You think I'm dramatic,

I know that's not true.

My guard is set higher,

Because yours withdrew.

We're paying the price,

For your head in the sand.

I know that it's scary,

But please understand.

You think it won't get you,

You'd bounce back quick.

You looked around lately?

Everyone's sick.

I can't leave this flat,

Without risking my life.

No community care,

Infections are rife.

They don't want to name it,

We know that it's Covid.

Please pay attention,

This needs to be noted.

My life it is valuable,

Yours is the same.

I'm trying to warn you,

This isn't a game.

It's not I don't miss things,

Or that they don't matter.

But I know what it's like,

To watch your health shatter.

We're losing so many,

Over and over.

Not everyone makes it,

After exposure.

So do what you can,

And mitigate spread.

It's not a lost cause,

Don't give in to dread.

Been sick fourteen years,

You'd do well to listen.

Life it gets harder,

Chronic Illness Edition.


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