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Sickness is not a moral failing

It's not your fault that you're sick.

It's not your fault that you didn't get better.

It'a not that you don't want it enough, or aren't trying hard enough.

It's not that you're being stubborn, or are holding yourself back.

No one expects people to magically reset their bones with a positive attitude. People go to the doctors for that.

But what if the doctors don't have an answer for your problem?

What if they don't believe you have a problem in the first place?

Why is that then suddenly on us?

Why are we expected to be personally responsible for our own healing, and if we don't get there then it's obviously our own doing?

You are deserving of help.

Getting sick and staying sick is not a personal failing. A lot of who gets better is unfortunately down to luck and privilege.

For many their race, size, gender, sexuality, geographical location, financial background, education and family connections have a very real impact on their access to care.

Prejudice in healthcare also has an impact on how certain conditions are researched, which conditions get more funding and which are continuously dismissed.

That's not on you either.

Healthcare is political. Healing is not as neat and simple as it's made out to be.

Sickness is not a moral failing.


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