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Remember your worth. It's an act of rebellion

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In a world where we're often disregarded, belittled and discredited - remember that you matter.

With governments that don't respect us, care about us, or have regard for us at all - remember that you matter.

With a planet that's in crisis, and corporations banding together to pivot the conversation away from them and onto us - remember that you matter.

With those in power putting their own position and profits before other peoples lives - remember that your words and actions matter.

If you don't feel like you matter then you won't fight for your rights or the rights of others.

The people in power are banking on that.

They're only out for themselves, and they're hoping you'll take their lead and only be out for yourself too.

They'll try to convince you that's the only way.

Because they need you to believe that that's true. That fighting it won't make a difference. That fighting for someone else's rights somehow takes away from the fight for your own.

Don't believe them.

Somewhere deep inside us we must remember and believe in our worth and the power of our collective action.

Don't let them convince you that you don't belong. Don't let them convince you that there's nothing you can do. Don't let them convince you that there's no point in trying.

Do not believe them. In a world of adversity, this is an act of rebellion.

You do matter. Your words and actions do matter. Our collective power is a force to be reckoned with. And those in powerful positions know that.

So they're hoping you'll forget that it's true. They're hoping if they make it really difficult you won't believe change is possible. That you won't believe in our collective power.

Believe in it anyway.


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