A selection of recent mentions and interviews in the media.

Press Mention - GLAMOUR

The Instagram account for This Thing They Call Recovery was mentioned in an article in GLAMOUR on toxic positivity and how we can counteract it.

Article written by Helen Wilson-Beevers


You can find the article here -


Press Interview - METRO

I was interviewed by the Metro as part of their "You Don't Look Sick" series, which highlights a different invisible condition each week. The aim is to raise awareness of the fact that not all disabilities are visible, in the hope that people will be treated with more respect when they're going about their day, using disabled services etc.

Article written by Laura Abernethy


You can find the article here - 


Article - THE MIGHTY

I wrote a piece on an analogy for life with chronic illness. First featured on my blog, then published on The Mighty. This article was also shared via their social media. I was comparing chronic illness to living within an unsafe home with the aim of creating a metaphor that the healthy could relate to. "My body is my home. It's my only home. And I don't feel safe in here"

Article written by myself 


You can find the article here - 


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