Not your average Mother's Day post

I wasn't going to mention Mother's Day on here because I know it's a difficult day for some people. This is a public blog and therefore anyone can stumble across it. I don't know all of your stories and I don't want to trigger anyone. This is the kindest way I could think of for going about it.

Here's to the Mums that care for their sick children, and worry their kids are missing out on their childhood. This isn't your fault.

Here's to the Mums that have older children that are sick, and struggle to find the balance between caring for them and treating them like the adult they are. You're doing your best.

Here's to the Mums that fight doctors on their sick child's behalf. I know you are tired. But even when it doesn't feel like it, you are making a difference.

Here's to the sick Mums who are trying desperately to still be there for their kids. Take care of yourself too. They love you just the same.

Here's to the Mums facing their own mortality, who worry about not seeing their kids grow up. No one is going to let them forget your abundance of love for them. It isn't your choice to leave, they will know that.

Here's to the Mums taking care of a sick partner, relative or friend. They appreciate you even when they don't have the energy to voice it properly.

Here's to the people battling chronic illness without their Mum, for whatever reason. You're doing amazing and you're stronger than you think you are.

Here's to the new Mums whose brain chemistry is working against them and they're struggling to bond. You are not a bad Mother, you are doing your best. Lean on those around you.

Here's to those of you that struggle with infertility. I know you're so frustrated with your body, and today can't be easy for you. But we're thinking of you too.

Here's to the Mums that have lost children. You are still their Mum. You will always be their Mum. You did everything you could.

Here's to the Dads of children that have lost their Mum. I'm so sorry you're a team of two down to one. Your children love you endlessly.

Here's to the Grandmothers of sick grand-kids. It's difficult to watch someone so much younger struggling with physical limitations. Maybe you relate to each other despite the age gap. You're allowed to find that a difficult situation to navigate.

Here's to those of you that find Mother's Day difficult - maybe you've lost your Mum, maybe you've never known her, maybe your relationship is strained, or maybe she doesn't remember who you are anymore. I'm sorry today is a rough one. Hold on, tomorrow is coming.

Here's to each and every one of you. You are deserving.