I'm Writing A Book?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I'm sorry I've been quiet on here, college has quite literally taken over my life (again). However I'm working on something that I'm hoping will make up for my blogging absence. For my current college project we've to design a book. Well it's more of a booklet really, it's small. As always I'm trying to raise awareness where I can, and so I've decided to make M.E the focus of mine. I know there are many of you that follow me that suffer from a condition other than M.E, and I absolutely love that you enjoy my content. I try to make my content relatable to everyone, and normally I like to discuss the lifestyle surrounding chronic illness instead of the particular symptoms. Generally I feel like everyone that suffers from some sort of chronic condition can relate to that, as we all live in a similar way even if our daily symptoms differ. I like that about this community. Unfortunately I feel like I cannot cover chronic illness in just a few pages. I'd have to limit down the content so much I feel it would no longer be accurate. I couldn't do you justice. However what I feel I can do, is discuss M.E. It's not as much of a mammoth topic (although it feels like it at the moment). I hope you understand? I would hate for any of you to feel excluded, but I'm only one person and this is only one project. Ideally, at some point in time I'd love to actually write a book on the topic. Just going to throw that out there, law of attraction and all that. For now, it's a booklet, and that will do me for the time being.

The "book" is going to be highly illustrated, in a similar style to my Instagram. The last thing I want is to create something clinical. The whole idea is that it needs to provide approachable and honest information to sufferers, and allow the newly diagnosed to feel more knowledgeable on what is happening to them. I want to provide a sense of community and comfort, and put forth information in a way that is neither overwhelming nor fear inducing. I'd also love the book to provide a basis of knowledge for sufferer’s friends/family as well as the wider public. I want to make clear the severity of the condition for people that perhaps are under false pretences. But I want to do so in a way that hasn't been done before.

In terms of the topics I'm hoping to cover, here's what I have so far -

A short overview (why have I made this book, why is it needed?)

What is M.E? (discuss current research)

Signs and Symptoms

Mild/Moderate/Severe ME

Current treatment options (CBT, GET, symptom management medication)

Spoon Theory (also discuss the online community)

Baseline and Pacing (what is it? Why is it important?)

What M.E actually feels like (stories from sufferers)

Tips on study/work with M.E

Relationships/friendships with M.E

Additional resources (including charities)

How does that sound? Is there anything important you feel like I've missed out? Obviously I can't discuss everything, and I can't discuss them in great detail. But, within reason, am I missing something? I feel like I've covered the basics and really that's all I want to do for now.

I would love to get your input, and I'd love you to feel involved in the creation of the booklet. Ideally I'd like to include opinions and experiences additional to my own. This is where I need your help. If you're a sufferer of M.E I'd be very grateful if you could explain to me in a few sentences what M.E actually feels like, to you. How do you describe it to people? You can either leave a comment on this blog post, email me, or message me on social media. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. I'd like to get across the widespread nature of M.E, and how it affects people of all genders/races/ages etc. If you wouldn't mind, along with your quote on how it feels, I'd love to put your first name, age, and how long you've been suffering for. I totally understand if you're not comfortable with this, and there's no pressure to do so. I just think it would be an insightful addition. Also, if you're a friend or family member of someone that has M.E, do you have anything to add? Is there anything from your end that you'd like me to include? As I've mentioned, I'm planning on doing a few pages on maintaining friendships and relationships with M.E. If there's anything you think should be discussed in these pages please do let me know. You can contact me in the same ways mentioned above.

My plan is to eventually have the booklet as a downloadable resource that you can download straight from this blog. I really do think it could be helpful to a lot of you, and to your friends and family too. I know I'd have loved if something like this had been available to me at the beginning of my M.E journey, and I know my family would have appreciated it too. I know there's leaflets and things available from M.E charities, but I'd like to compile the information into one place. One booklet where you get all the basic information you need. M.E research is hard to digest, even for people without brain fog. I'd like to provide you with some easy to read information, broken up with some humorous and relatable illustrations.

Sound like a plan?