Friends Are Family

To the friend that lives across the world –

You mean a great deal to me.

You take the time to message me while on a completely different time zone.

You always ask how I’m doing.

And you always listen to the answer.

You’re always there when I need you.

You make sure I’m coping ok, and support me when I’m not.

You fill me in on what adventures you’ve been on (I promise only a tiny amount of the time they make me jealous)

You keep me up to date with how you are.

I never feel forgotten.

To the friend that always visits –

You come see me every time you’re home.

You message me in advance so I can save up spoons.

You always ask “How are you pal?”

You support everything I ever share online about my M.E

You keep me up to date with your life with regular snaps.

We don’t get to see each other much, but when we do you make me feel normal.

You remember who I was before this, but never compare me to that.

You make sure I know you’re proud of me.

You don’t have a problem with doing most of the talking, so I get to sit back and enjoy your stories.

I always feel lighter when I’m with you.

To the friends in the same boat –

You always take the time to listen, and offer advice if you can.

You’re never patronising.

You never make it feel like a competition.

You recognise that times of absence are sometimes necessary, and don’t take them personally.

You help me feel like I’m part of a community.

You can truly say that you understand.

You share your own experiences, even though they’re very personal.

You cheer me on despite the fact we’ve never even met.

You’re one of the best things about having M.E.

I never feel alone.

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