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A collection of case studies of Communications and Digital Marketing work for charities across the UK and US. I have a real passion for helping health/disability charities reach more people and build active and engaged online communities.

My books for social media management are currently closed. However I am available for consultancy work, GIF design and content design if that would be of interest to your organisation! Get in touch.


The aim of this work was to create a cohesive and engaging communications strategy including a clear visual identity. SOFT UK is a small non-profit supporting families affected by Trisomy 13 (Patau's Syndrome) and Trisomy 18 (Edwards' Syndrome). The charity supports families through a range of experiences including pregnancy, ending a pregnancy, pregnancy loss, baby loss as well as caring for a child or adult with either of these conditions and/or related disorders.

While many of these families face hardship and bereavement, the charity is also trying to highlight positive stories, provide hope and raise awareness of the range of experience. The visual identity was to tie into these themes, presenting SOFT UK as an approachable and friendly support system.
The rainbow colours used in the (already existing) SOFT UK logo have been utilised throughout the visual identity, with a deepened tone as to not alienate families currently facing a difficult time. The aim of this communications strategy was to stand out against clinical and cold medical information, and instead focus on highlighting the lived experience of families.
Within the first month of this strategy and visual identity being in place, engagement on social media increased by 200% and website clicks by  600%. The clear and cohesive identity has allowed for seamless expansion into different channels such as a new podcast series and Youtube channel all while maintaining a clear brand image.
January 2021 - present (on going)

Colour Development

SOFT UK colour development

Podcast Graphic

Podcast Thumbnail Graphic.jpg
SOFT UK Instagram

Instagram Account before and after

Newsletter Design

Newsletter design example.jpg

Resource Cover Design

soft covers example.jpg
website filmstrip update
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